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AudioEase Speakerphone Standalone Plugin 103

Inside Speakerphone 2 you'll find the bare essentials. A virtual radio tuner and virtual microphone that will play a digital version of your soundcard. There's even a jingle generator. A 6-band parametric equalizer (EQ), a dynamics control (from zero to 10), and a standard 3-band EQ. And a unique sample routing plug-in that lets you route any one or more of your sample tracks, audio channels or audio buses, directly to an FX buss or chain. Even if you have zero experience with audio plug-ins, you can work with Speakerphone 2 because of its simple interface.

AudioEase Speakerphone Standalone Plugin 103


We've packed all the features you need for serious DJ'ing. Even complicated setups can be created in just a few clicks. Speakerphone 2 supports stereo L,R,C sources and up to 8 mono tracks. It's plug-ins are straightforward, and your imagination is all you need to create on-the-fly radio stations, tape machines, TV broadcast stations, cellular communications or just about anything else you can think of.

All in all, Speakerphone 2 is one of the best ways to solve your "any-time, anywhere" voice communication problems. You get a complete audio entertainment system with a price tag that will fit within your existing studio budget. AudioEase Speakerphone is a powerful tool that gives you control over any audio channel, at any point in your project. It's the only way to ensure your voice communications are as professional as they can be.

To go with this comprehensive Package is a comprehensive Systems SoundCard. Our new KS speakerphones present your speakers and monitors virtually as though you are in the studio mixing with them.


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