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Get Pokemon Mega Emerald X and Y Edition for Free - A Download Link for the Awesome Pokemon Mod

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pokemon mega emerald x and y download zip


The Mega Evolutions in the game are being edited and present in different formats. You will notice that every single pokemon have the mega evolutions which can change all of you game mode. Amazingly, these evolutions are different than the older ones. If you are a fan of legendary pokemon you will notice that all of the legendary pokemon are present from Gen 1 to 6. These are some of the special features in the game which makes this Pokemon Mega Emerald X and Y Download Version so much unique than the normal versions of Emerald.

Pokemon Mega Emerald X and Y Edition download for GBA Emulator. It is the game, which every pokemon lover should play. You cannot skip it because it will be a great loss to pokemon gamers. This game is not just a fanmade version of Emerald but it includes features from Pokemon x and y. So you are going to have more fun playing this awesome game. Download the patch file now and apply it to your copy of pokemon emerald ROM.


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