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Logan Gonzalez

Twinkle Little Star !LINK!

Is there life on other planets? How large is our galaxy? How is a star formed? When your kids ask you questions like these, you need to be prepared! NASA can help you explain to them what scientists do and do not know about big questions like these.

Twinkle Little Star

Even if not visible, ozone is in the atmosphere as we gaze up at the stars. Ozone is produced when air pollutants from automobile emissions and manufacturing operations interact with sunlight. NIEHS has developed lesson plans related to ozone.

This immersive and exciting show encourages children to participate by using props in the cozy, darkened performance space. In this story, a new galactic recruit, a missing star, and a bit of unexpected mayhem create the world of the Star Keepers. The Star Keepers must ensure each star is awake and ready to shine every night, but what happens when one goes missing? You follow the Procedures, of course!

Sensory Information: This show will take place in a smaller four-sided, darkened space so that participants can see the glowing and twinkling lights (representing stars) held by the performers.

Hi there I have just started to teach myself piano , I am a complete beginner . I would love to learn John legend . I find it easier to remember numbers 1-5 first . Is there any free piano for beginners website or videos you recommend?Jagdip

thank you so much for putting up this website it is helping me soo much in skwl I used to be terrible at playing the piano but now I love playing the piano and im starting to get good at it. thank u soo much 041b061a72


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