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The World Of Skin Ten Songs For Another World Rar

  • Alema RarBiographical informationHomeworldRyloth[1]Bornc. 10 ABY (45), Ryloth[1]Died40 ABY (75), The Home[2]Physical descriptionSpeciesTwi'lek[1]GenderFemale[1]HeightGreater than 1.6 meters[3][4]Eye colorGreen; yellow scleras under the influence of the dark side[5]Skin colorBlue[1]Chronological and political informationAffiliation(s)New Jedi Order[1]

  • New Plympto resistance[1]

  • New Republic[6]New Republic Defense Force[6]

  • Galactic Alliance[7]Galactic Alliance Defense Force[7]

  • Killik Hive mind[8]Gorog hive[8]

  • Lumiya's Sith (in free association)[3]

  • MastersDaeshara'cor (Informal Jedi Master)[1]

  • Lomi Plo (Dark Jedi Master)[9]


The World Of Skin Ten Songs For Another World Rar

Alema Rar was born around 10 ABY into one of the most dangerous ryll dens of Kala'uun, the largest underground city of the Twi'lek homeworld, Ryloth. The Force-sensitive Twi'lek had a sister, Numa Rar, with whom she formed a close bond as they worked together as enslaved dancers, earning money to survive.[1][11][12] They grew up together in the cave warrens of Ryloth, and throughout her life Rar retained her preference for confined spaces.[13] Together, they witnessed much of the cruelty and hardships of the galaxy. As a dancer on Ryloth, Rar would learn the grace and dexterity which would aid her in lightsaber combat in years to come, as well as the feminine charm found alluring by so many males.[1] She came to love dancing,[10] despite her status as a slave.[11] Eventually, the Rar sisters were rescued from their hand-to-mouth existence when they were discovered by Jedi Knight Daeshara'cor,[1] who purchased their freedom once she recognized their innate talent in the Force.[11]

Alema Rar was taken to Eclipse Station, the secret Jedi base in the Deep Core, in a state of nervous collapse. At the station, she healed in a bacta tank, unaware that as an act of reprisal the Nebula Chaser had been destroyed, with ten thousand refugees lost. Even without this knowledge, Rar was raging inside with grief and anger. While the Twi'lek recovered the threat of the voxyn grew greater. Several Jedi fell to the creatures, which were deposited on worlds and relay junctions across the invasion corridor to seek out hidden Force-wielders. Eventually, Jedi healer Cilghal discovered that the voxyn were being cloned from a single female, which was subsequently referred to as the voxyn queen. A mission to Froz was organized to retrieve more of the creatures for study and Anakin Solo and a squadron of fellow Jedi managed to return with several dead voxyn. By the time Alema Rar was out of the bacta tank, and informed of the destruction of the Nebula Chaser, it had been discerned that the voxyn queen was located on or nearby the planet Myrkr, which was itself deep within Yuuzhan Vong territory.[1]

Immediately on arrival in the Myrkr system, Solo discovered that there were other Jedi present aboard the worldship Baanu Rass orbiting the planet. Rar counseled against rescuing the trapped Force-sensitives, instead arguing that the worldship housing the voxyn project should be destroyed as planned with a high-power baradium missile. It soon became a moot point as Yuuzhan Vong forces sprung a trap and the missile was instead used to obliterate a matalok cruiser leading the hostile forces. Rar and the others loaded into pods and landed on the worldship's surface. In space, 2-1S, one of the YVH droids, was lost, and Ulaha Kore remained to pilot the Exquisite Death as a decoy, playing a last song by means of a rudimentary instrument to Rar and the other Jedi before she died. On the worldship's surface, the team trekked across through various traps, which Rar's experience on New Plympto enabled them to avoid. As Yuuzhan Vong warriors began searching the area, the team disguised themselves as warriors with holoshrouds, with Rar in the lead as a practiced insertion agent.[1]

Rar led the Jedi to a warren which housed Force-negating ysalamiri creatures, as well as the Jedi presences Solo had detected on the approach. Rar killed two warriors in the storming of the ysalamiri warren with her new silver-bladed lightsaber. She then watched, with fascination, as a Human woman held in bonds against the rear wall displayed her strength in the dark side of the Force, utilizing a web of Force energy to dice a Yuuzhan Vong shaper into bloody fragments. Rar freed the woman, who identified herself as Lomi Plo. When Plo sensed Alema Rar's internal turmoil and thirst for vengeance, she appealed to Rar's darker emotions; although Solo warned the Twi'lek against such uses of the Force, Rar ignored the team leader, rounding upon the young man and proclaiming that when he had witnessed what she had during the war, only then could he lecture her about the dark side. As Plo and the other Dark Jedi with her, a younger man known as Welk, pledged their allegiance and aid in destroying the voxyn, the strike team learned that a Yuuzhan Vong frigate in orbit over the worldship had deposited over a hundred warriors on the surface.[1]

Solo's body was simple enough to recover; the Twi'lek used her longblaster to pick off Yuuzhan Vong warriors before approaching the corpse along with Jaina Solo, who called upon the dark side of the Force and used Force lightning to kill the last warrior protecting it. Shaken by Solo's anger, Rar led her companion from the chamber along with Veila, Zekk, Lowbacca and the body of the deceased Anakin. While Jacen Solo and the others hunted the voxyn queen, Rar and her companions stole a Yuuzhan Vong shuttle and attacked the frigate berthed on the worldship's surface. Despite Jaina Solo's skill, the shuttle was shot down and crash-landed not far from the frigate. Rar descended further into her hatred and anger for the Yuuzhan Vong as she fired upon the approaching Yuuzhan Vong, laughing as the longblaster's laser beams eliminated several of the aliens. Jacen Solo set off to hunt down the voxyn queen alone, while Sebatyne and the others captured the Yuuzhan Vong frigate, the Ksstarr.[1]

The campaign for Borleias was ultimately successful,[19] and granted the New Republic government enough time to set up its new headquarters on the water world of Dac, home to the Quarren and Mon Calamari species.[6] The Myrkr survivors, in the meantime, were again reduced in number with the death of Ganner Rhysode on conquered Coruscant,[20] before being replenished by the return of Jacen Solo, whose life Rhysode had fought to save. Rar, who had been traveling with Tahiri Veila and Zekk as their temporary leader, took her small group to Dac on a refugee convoy, as she had no duties or a Jedi Master to issue her with directives. On Dac, Luke Skywalker had acted alongside the new Chief of State, the Alderaanian Cal Omas, to create a High Council, with Jedi and non-Jedi representatives in equal numbers. Rar contacted Jedi Master Tresina Lobi, who held a seat on the Council, and asked the Chev woman to query Skywalker on what her next actions should be. It was decided by Omas and Skywalker that a ceremony would be held to honor the Myrkr strike team, and that the survivors would be elevated to the status of Jedi Knight.[6]

The time for the ceremony arrived, and Rar and the others who had accompanied her on the mission waited on a stage in a large auditorium as Chief of State Omas delivered a short speech venerating the Jedi who had died. Luke Skywalker then took the podium and ushered individual Jedi forward to be knighted. Rar was the third to receive her new robes. In a short, personal address from Skywalker, Rar was told that she would always find love and friendship with the Jedi; the Jedi Master's words reduced the Twi'lek to tears. After a evening reception thrown in their honor, the new Jedi Knights journeyed to the Wookiee homeworld of Kashyyyk, where Bothan admiral Traest Kre'fey was planning for a string of minor offensives against the Yuuzhan Vong in order to improve the experience of new rookie recruits. Admiral Kre'fey had been particularly interested by the Jedi art of battle meditation and the Force Meld, which he felt could be vital in coordinating strikes against the Yuuzhan Vong. Rar was also sent to Kashyyyk for another reason; it was hoped by the Jedi Masters on the High Council that with her companions, and with the Force Meld, the Twi'lek Jedi's grief and anger could be held at bay, until the emotions were eventually overcome.[6]

The Twi'lek was later present at an emergency congregation of Jedi aboard the Mon Adapyne, a MC80B Star Cruiser attached to Admiral Kre'fey's fleet. Jedi Masters Durron and Sebatyne had received an urgent message from Luke Skywalker warning all Jedi that the Old Republic Jedi Vergere, who had as an apparent ally of the Yuuzhan Vong protected Jacen Solo while in captivity, had gone on the run and was to be captured and detained if encountered. As Kre'fey's forces were still preparing, along with the Jedi, to initiate attacks on poorly defended Yuuzhan Vong worlds, Rar and the others could not afford to put aside time to hunt for Vergere. Strikes were conducted at Gyndine, Nal Hutta, and Wayland, all Yuuzhan Vong occupied worlds, before Kre'fey led his forces into the Deep Core. There, on the moon of Ebaq 9, a secret New Republic base had been set up. The centerpiece of an elaborate trap conceived by the famed Admiral Ackbar, the base on Ebaq 9 had been rapidly constructed, and word of its construction deliberately leaked to the Yuuzhan Vong spy network. Defending Ebaq 9 were the forces of Agamarian General Keyan Farlander, along with Twins Suns Squadron. The Yuuzhan Vong arrived, as planned, and engaged this small defense force. Jacen Solo, on the bridge of the Ralroost, was alerted by Farlander's forces, and in turn informed Kre'fey that the time was right to strike.[6]

By the final year of the Yuuzhan Vong War, Rar was fighting in Twin Suns Squadron itself, under the command of Jaina Solo. The New Republic, since reorganized into the Galactic Federation of Free Alliances, had made some progress against the Yuuzhan Vong and, in a campaign to retake key worlds and systems around Coruscant, was slowly drawing the net around the lost galactic capital. Rar flew with Twin Suns Squadron at the battle of the Duro system, once again under the command of General Wedge Antilles. In part of a carefully prepared plan to retake Fondor, Antilles took his forces on a extended advance through the Duro system. A heavy day's fighting ensued, and more and more Yuuzhan Vong forces arrived to reinforce their beleaguered holdings in the Duro system. When the Yuuzhan Vong garrison at Fondor had departed for Duro, Antilles trapped the Yuuzhan Vong arrivals with interdiction generators, leaving Fondor undefended and ripe for the taking by General Garm Bel Iblis.[7]


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