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Logan Gonzalez

Download Patch Pes 2011 V 4.0

I have the same problem.I downloaded this patch 2 different places and still same problem. So I believe its to do with my computer.My computer is window 7 Korean version.Is this to do with the language problem?help.

download patch pes 2011 v 4.0

Hallow one n allam suffering from such a very low internet connection if anyone has PESEDIT2011 the latest patch for my rescue please do not hesitate to send it to me via my mail address [email protected] i prefer mostly patch 4.0 and 4.1NB:can i install the patch without following the chronological sequence of the release may be to install patch 4.0 for the initial time?thank you n God bless u all

I cant believe it. I tryed so many times, to change the 2.Bundesliga with Serie B and it dosnt work. Why? I start the game with the pes2011 button from pesedit selector. Im doing the right steps ?Can any1 explain me the right steps how to do ?1st i install main patch and after this, i install those patches 4.0.1 and 4.1. After that i open the pesedit selector, doing the settings over there and after that im going into the game with the pes2011 button from pesedit patch. But i cant see Serie B just 2.bundesliga. Any tips ? Thx a lot


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