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William Franco
William Franco

The Power of Limits: Exploring Proportional Harmonies in Nature, Art and Architecture with Gyorgy Doczi

another of the consequences of the attunement to the power of limits is the way it can help to create political and social harmony through coming to know the limits to each of our powers. this is both a healthy and a peaceful appreciation of the power of each individual, a peaceful accord within and between ourselves and others (doczi could not have foreseen that a global phenomenon of self-inflation and self-inflicted disorder would follow in the wake of the emergence of globalization, as analysed in my work, the global dream trap: how globalization is sapping the dreams of millions which sets out how the power of limits can be used to reverse this global disorder).

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the question of individualism versus a recognition of the power of limits within the community or society should not be taken to mean that individuals have to become isolated and in opposition to each other.

the umbrella research echoes the mental distress seen in the study of the effects of the black-right-pointing-pointer (bpp) and the tendency to deny its effects to make something else the culprit. while the umbrella research is more recent it also raises many of the same issues. it is designed to encourage us to see the world as a whole, rather than only one aspect, and to appreciate the fragility of the globe, which is more fragile than it is aware. it is designed to encourage us to appreciate the fragility of the globe, which is more fragile than it is aware. in the reflection of a single atom, we see a whole universe and we can see a whole universe in the reflection of a single atom. by projecting the global outwards, we can feel its limits, and feel its fragility. the umbrella research is the scientific extension of this process. --tohono o'odham, a native american nation


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